Brooklyn Bridge


A lifelong Long Island NY resident that grew up in Long Beach. I'm inspired mostly by Long Island landmarks, architectural structures and scenes that include locations from New York City to Montauk but also scenes from North America and Europe. The photographs I take are used to create 3D perspectives using charcoal.

My drawings started as a hobby after I retired from the corporate world.
I never attended art school or took extensive classes to learn how to become an artist. I was inspired by my mother, who drew some incredible drawings while being legally blind.

I enjoy capturing the natural texture of wood in my drawings and want viewers to be awe inspired by the composition, perspective and sheer achievement of the structures. Charcoal is my preferred medium and allows me to produce images that are visually bold while adding an element of drama. Charcoal itself allows me the freedom to create intricate details with a fine point and be used to smudge and soften the image when necessary.

FB Page: Steve Walker Art

Instagram: longislandcharcoalartist